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Recent College Graduate

After a few months of job hunting, I was second-guessing my college education. I sent out dozens of resumes and only had a few phone interviews. I discovered HireWorthy and signed up for a coaching session. After just a few minutes on the phone, I learned how to brand myself for the employers I wanted to work for. My coach also showed me how to answer those tough interview questions with ease. College Career Centers get you started but don’t have the time to actually work on your individual needs. It was worth the extra money to learn what they never taught me in school.”

Madeline S.

Returning to Work

“After being a stay at home mom for several years, I was worried about my employment gap on my resume. My HireWorthy coach listened to me and helped me create a resume that combined my previous job experience with the new skills I learned while doing volunteer work. Before I went on my first interview, my coach and I discussed interview attire, what to bring and even conducted an interview rehearsal. I went in confident and prepared. HireWorthy showed me how to play up my strengths and feel confident on interviews.”

Maureen J.

Laid off

“I never used a job coach before, but when I was laid off, I decided it might be a good idea to give it a try. Beforehand, I was sure I was doing all the right things in the interview and on my resume. With just an easy, comfortable conversation on the phone with my HireWorthy coach, I learned all about what hiring managers are looking for and the mistakes I was making. My coach helped me create a professional social media presence, updated my resume and guided me though the toughest interview questions. It was a valuable experience and I gained more confidence. I landed a job right away earning $20,000 a year more than my previous role!”

Paul C.

Returning to work

“My HireWorthy coach taught me simple, effective interview tips that highlighted my strengths that stood out to hiring managers. I would not have gotten the position I am in now without their coaching. HireWorthy is the best!”

Catherine M.

Looking for a better opportunity

“HireWorthy helped me in a number of ways that were important to securing a job offer. I haven’t interviewed in ten years, so learning the right interviewing tips were essential. Also, roleplaying actual interview questions and the correct answers boosted my confidence.”

Peter G.

Landed dream job

HireWorthy thank you so much for speaking with me. I really appreciate all of your great advice and suggestions. You showed me how to brand myself and put a positive spin on discussing my employment transitions. I can’t wait to continue my career journey.

Jenna H.

Looking for a better opportunity

I just wanted to let you know the second interview went well, and I got the job offer! The hour we spent together preparing for the second interview helped with my confidence tremendously. It also helped me understand the necessary things to do following an interview.

Val K.

Recent college grads

I am writing to let you know that I recently accepted a Management Development position at a very prestigious firm. I want to thank HireWorthy for the advice they gave me on the best job search strategies.

Michael G.

Looking for a better opportunity

I would like to extend my appreciation to HireWorthy for helping me in obtaining employment in a such a short period of time. My coach showed me all the keys to a successful interview. She guided me in how to present my military service and my current work experience in an interview. The step-by-step process my coach taught me really helped me find a new career. Best of wishes to you and your continuing success in helping professionals find employment.

Andey P.

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